Tips to win in Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter is one of the latest additions to the increasingly popular battle royale genre of computer games. Like any other games of this genre, Cyber Hunter has certain strategies that can help you finish among the top three players after every game. Usually, striking the perfect balance between being aggressive and being stealthy is the key. If you want more tips on Cyber Hunter PC, here is some more advice:

Roam the map using various skills

Staying in one place throughout the game is impossible in battle royale games. Fortunately, you don’t have to just run around being an open target for anyone else. There are also structures you can scale for better loot while the game is ongoing. Climbing buildings and gliding down from the top are some of the techniques to move around the shrinking map.

You can also evade enemy fire by rolling along the ground as you make way for cover. Getting your character to parkour around structures is a great feature that Cyber Hunter has. So, take advantage of how mobile your character is.

Study how the droid works

The droid is an AI that provides you with support in-game. There are lots of droid skills in Cyber Hunter, and they can be unlocked after you level up. Use the Shield Wall or Healing Device to secure your survival or you can deploy the Monitor to detect enemies within your vicinity. Sometimes, you can also show some aggression by using the Bush skill to ambush enemies.

Droid works

If you think the map is still too big for you to roam around, there is the Motorbike skill to help you navigate more quickly. You can even evade attacks from the side by riding it! Motorbikes stay on the map after the owner is eliminated, so you can also use other skills and pick the Motorbike up afterward.

Avoid the auto-fire mode

Being trigger-happy won’t get you anywhere near the top three in Cyber Hunter. Most of the time, being stealthy is the key to making it out of the game alive. Besides, other players can hear the rapid firing of your gun if they are nearby. Another factor to watch out for is bullet drop, so there’s no need to fire at your enemy the moment you see them.

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Sniping at your enemy while hiding conveniently at a structure or a bush is the go-to tactic of most Cyber Hunter players. This strategy only requires one direct hit to the enemy to eliminate them.

A battle royale game requires patience and timing to eliminate other players from the map. If you play games like Cyber Hunter PC, you will be able to exercise certain techniques that could give you a better chance to win. Try the game out when you get the chance or download the mobile version if you prefer a more hands-on approach, this game might be the perfect introduction for you to the battle royale genre.

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