Cyber Hunter Pc Games: Battle Royale gameplay guide

Cyber Hunter is known all across the gaming community as a top-tier battle royale game that is unlike any other. It doesn’t just stand out with its exceptional graphics and interesting character customizations, Cyber Hunter also brings you in on a real-time battle experience where you can use multiple skills and tactics to defeat your enemy. 

Whether you are a beginner in battle royale games or a seasoned gamer who is looking for competitive gameplay to challenge your shooting skills, Cyber Hunter has what you are looking for in a game. Don’t hesitate to try it out now!

The Cyber Hunter world

The world of Cyber Hunter is set in future virtual earth where every player has an ability that involves using quantum droids. The players can power the drones by using the energy from quantum cubes and these energies can manifest in different support gears. Use these gears to cross multiple challenges throughout the game and slay every enemy in the arena! 

The arena 

The arena of the Cyber Hunter world is the place where you battle it out with other players. You can enter this arena alone, however, the party is always more fun with friends by your side. Invite your gaming buddies and form a four-person squad to fight in the last-man-standing battle. 

When inside the arena with your select squad, the first thing that you need to do is to find the perfect spot for you to spy on your enemies and take refuge during a shootout. These spots are crucial for the survival of your squad as well as the strategies that you can use in your game. 

Tips while playing 

While loots like guns and grenades are important during the battle, you must keep an eye out on any quantum cubes since these cubes could grant you the energy you need to deploy the abilities of your quantum droids. 

Every battle that you finish would reward you regardless if you lose or win since your experience points would level up every time you join a fight in the arena. The more you fight, the more you earn experience and level up. 

By going a level higher, you would be able to open up new abilities to your quantum droids. Mix and match these abilities to form an ultimate attack against your enemies. Give your droids the perfect build that you want and join the arena today! Take a look at the player’s guide below and become one with the pros of Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter pro guide 

Cyber Hunter isn’t that much different from your usual battle royale games when it comes to gameplay. It is easy enough to follow and the missions are easy to understand. The only challenge you would truly face is strategizing your way to victory. Take a look at the pro gamer tips below and win your first tournament! 

Cyber Hunter pro guide 

Plan where to land on the map

Just like what every battle-hardened individual would say, you should never judge into battle unprepared. Use the few seconds of waiting time that you have to strategize where would be the best place to land on the map. You and your team members can drop in different locations or you can stay as a whole and drop in a single location for higher chances of survival. 

Veteran battle royale players know how important the first few seconds of the game is. This is the perfect opportunity for your team to plan your move so you should use it as best as you can. Select the perfect location that provides you with enough space to hide and collect loot. 

Familiarize yourself with various weapons and skills 

More often than not, the reason why players fail is that they don’t know how to make use of a weapon in the most effective way. Moreover, the newbies tend to just dive into the game without trying to train first. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the controls first before you join the arena. Look at the description of the guns and weapons you can use and find out about the skills that you have so you can utilize them in situations where it is needed.

In Cyber Hunter, you can farm for weapons as well as quantum cubes. Make sure that you use your quantum cubes smartly since it isn’t as easy to find as other resources in the game. However, don’t let that scare you from using your quantum cube to try out the skills that you have in your arsenal. Once you are familiar with everything, it’s time to get serious and let the real battle begin. 

Find and add friends to play with 

As we have mentioned before, it is always more fun to play with friends so we recommend adding other gamers to play with them in squad battles. Although you can enter the arena alone, having pals that got your back on the battlefield doesn’t hurt. Moreover, it’s fun to form strategies with teams and receive insights on how you can be a better player.

Another thing that makes team missions interesting in Cyber Hunter is that each member of the team has different skills that they can apply in the game. This would help you form a better strategy for the game. 

If you don’t have friends to play with, you can also join the squads formed by strangers and meet new people in cyberspace. 

Always be mindful of the shrinking safe zone 

The large arena of Cyber Hunter means that there are multiple ecosystems and environments on the map. You might even encounter events like a storm during the game, which forces all the players into one place. The places that are not affected by the storms would be the safe zone of the game. 

The idea behind these storms is that you should always stay within these safe zones and avoid getting sucked in on the storm. Take note of when these safe zones shrink and do your best to stay within them. The moment you get caught by a storm, it would be instant death to your character. Keep an eye out on the enemies as well and always be ready to whip your weapons out for a showdown. 

Know when to engage and when to flee 

Running away from battle isn’t always an act caused by a lack of courage. When an enemy is too much for you to handle, it would be better to step back and gather ammunition so that the next time you face them, you can quickly put them down. Charging too hungrily on the enemies would put you in unexpected situations that might jeopardize your victory if you are not careful. 

One sign that you need to walk away is when you start seeing red lines by the side of your screen, this means that your character is low on HP and needs to get recharged. 

Character customization

The moment you launch Cyber Hunter, you would find yourself in the customization screen where you can build your character and add details that would make them feel more personal. 

In this section of the game, you can select how your character would look including their genders, body shape, and facial structure. You can select the makeup, facial marks, eyes, nose, lips and hair look for your character among a variety of selections. 

If you want to go deeper into customizing your character, you can unlock the special design clothes as you progress in the game or purchase the items online. Once you are satisfied with how your character looks, you can check them out in the preview and see if there is anything else you want to change 

Mechanics of the game and control 

Cyber Hunter has a simple and easy-to-follow control and mechanic. During the game, you only need to familiarize yourself with the movements that your character can do. This includes the following:


Climbing is one of the most important things you need to learn in Cyber Hunter since having the higher ground in the game would always give you the best advantage to spot your enemies and target them before they can make a move to take you down. To jump in Cyber Hunter, you only need to click on the jump button and hold it until you reach the end of the pole or stair you are climbing. 

Droid skills 

Memorize the skills of your droids and collect quantum cubes to load up your weapon and give your enemies instant defeat. Every manifested weapon in an android has a different skill. You should learn about it so you can utilize it better during the game.

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