Cyber Hunter Pc Games: All about the Battle Royale game

Cyberhunter PC releases a new game with a last-man-standing style called Battle Royale. The game development company announced that the final release date of the game will be in the middle of winter 2023. Gamers all over the world are so curious to know more about the game because there was not much information disclosed during the release of the demo game.

Today is your lucky day because you get to read and know more about Battle Royale here at Cyberhunter PC! Continue reading the following sections to find out what the game offers you.

The origin of Battle Royale

In 2000, Kinji Fukasaku released a film widely known as Battle Royale to the public. The story is about 42 9th graders that are suddenly transported to an isolated island. These teenagers are provided with adequate amounts of food, shelter, and protection, which they must use to survive. However, the catch is that each student wears an explosive collar that will detonate if they ever break any of the rules.

These students have no idea what they are doing, but they are given one goal: only one survivor can exit the island. This slips them into a bloodied frenzy of madness, with the hopes of leaving the isolated island alive. 

Cyberhunter PC decides to use the movie’s story as the concept of the whole game. More importantly, the developers wanted to create a game that will spark thrill and excitement among players by fighting one another inside a massive playing field.

Basic gameplay

The most famous game of Battle Royale is a match between 20 to 30 online players that will compete against each other and become the sole victor. At the start of the game, each player will be standing on different podiums located at the centremost of the map. In front of them, there lies a shelter that contains all of the highly valuable items that can help each player protect themselves from instant elimination.

Although this is true, the developers want to instill this mindset in the players so that they can see who are the players that can fight with fists. Aside from that, the game makers want to use this as a test to see who are the ones that will develop other survival plans that will not involve jumping to the center shelter.

Once the players have collected what they need, there will be an ample amount of time provided for them to find bases or hiding places. During this time, players are not yet allowed to eliminate others. As such, friendly fire is enabled, which does no damage to any players. When the preparation time has passed, a bell will sound off to signal players that the elimination round begins.

How to eliminate other players

There are a total of 20 to 30 players present on the battlefield, and the mission of every player is to be the last person standing. They must use anything within their might and energy to eliminate anyone they see. To do that, players can do the following:

Hand-to-hand combat

It is possible to eliminate another player using hand-to-hand combat, and this is best used for stealth actions. Aside from that, there would be a time when you, as a player, will not find any weapon available for you to use. So, the best option for you is to keep quiet and observe when to strike your opponents.

When you choose to use this elimination method, your movements are limited. This means that you know what action to use based on the situation. Here is a list of combat movements you can use:

  • Dodge
  • Duck
  • Jump
  • Kick
  • Punch
  • Uppercut
  • Push
  • Choke (this is only available when you are in stealth mode)
  • Crouch

Melee combat

Melee combat is the process of using handheld weapons to eliminate your opponents. By clicking the right button of your mouse or any assigned key, your character will swing the weapon it is holding. On top of that, you can create attacking combos with this combat style, and all you have to do is continuously press your assigned key. Doing this will make your character move in a sequence of movements.

When you are facing an opponent, you need to be swift and agile. There is a possibility that they have a shooting weapon ready, and this can eliminate you in no time. So, what you can do is to continuously jump around to give the opponent a hard time shooting you down. As you approach them, spam the assigned key to eliminate your opponent.

Shooting weapons

The prized weapon of the game is the various types and sizes of guns. Holding one of these will make it easy for you to eliminate other players. Aside from that, this will make you more powerful than other players who do not have a gun. With this said, they would be reluctant to move close to you. 

Online multiplayer

Battle Royale is an online multiplayer game that lets you play with your friends or other players from different countries! Aside from that, you can make friends and add them to your lists so that it will be easier for you to create games. This feature guarantees a fun gameplay experience for every player because you get to showcase your hand-eye coordination skills and fast reaction time.

Online multiplayer

Is teamwork possible?

For the main Battle Royale gameplay, teamwork is not allowed, however, you can create alliances with other players. Grouping together may help you eliminate more people at the start of the game. Although, this kind of strategy can be destructive towards the end since there is only one survivor allowed. 

Though if you want to play as a team with your friends, Battle Royale also offers another gaming feature called Red and Blue.

Red and Blue

Red and Blue is another gameplay of Battle Royale that will let you play with your friends as a team. On a random battlefield, there are a total of 20 to 30 players present, and each is equally sorted to the red or blue team. Deciding which team you want to be part of can be done before you start the game.

The goal of this gameplay is to eliminate all of the members of the opposing team. Through the power of teamwork, you and your teammates can devise strategies that will help in winning the game. 

Game events

Battle Royale also offers game events that include awesome rewards and prizes for every player to enjoy. Once a month, the game developers create an event with a certain theme. To win the rewards, you need to complete a series of missions. Once you are successful in finishing every single one, you will receive the grand prize, which varies per event.

On the day of the release, Battle Royale will start with this event:

The Land of the Victors

This event will highlight the top players that have continuously emerged victorious throughout the first month of Battle Royale. Those who finish at the top will be greatly rewarded, which will make the competition harder than ever. 

At the start of the event, you need to complete 3 to 4 missions per day, and this lasts for two weeks. Each mission will reward you with game credits, bonus points, and boosts that you can use to upgrade your gameplay. Additionally, you will receive a mystery prize at the end of the day, and this can be a character skin, a new character, or boosts.

Game pass

Battle Royale offers players the chance to make their gaming experience more fun and exciting. The Battle Royale game pass gives any player exclusive gifts and perks that they can use in the game. With the game pass, you will receive tons of game credits, shopping privileges, and tournament entries with the top players of the game.


Of course, Battle Royale recognizes its top players by providing a special section that shows their stats, win-to-lose ratio, and common gameplay strategies to use when playing. With this kind of feature, you can use it to study their playing style and apply it to yours to see if it helps in making you win a match.

Play the demo!

Since Battle Royale will be released later, you have the chance to test it by playing its demo! Here, you will get a glimpse of the last-man-standing gameplay. Moreover, this demo lets you play with bots first since it does not support online multiplayer yet. You can access the demo by heading over to the website of Cyberhunter PC.

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